Band Bios


BILLY LEE LARSON - Guitar and Vocals
Billy is the heart and soul of Vintage Raggs. He lays down the rhythm and holds people in the loving embrace that is ROCK 'N ROLL. Growing up in the east side of St. Paul, he learned early on the virtues of the "Chug" rhythm method. Chuck Berry to Keith Richards to Billy himself all know how important it is to lay down the groove. A Fender telecaster, an old Fender amp and you have the tools that make Mr. Larson a coveted player. He was born to rock and Billy delivers it in a huge way. Hail hail Rock 'n Roll...


JODY HANKS - Vocals, Guitars and Harmonica
Minnesota Music Award winning Jody Hanks, has been fronting bands for a long time. Always bringing the crowd into the ruckus he creates. He and Billy Larson have been playing on and off together so long they can read each other’s thoughts on what to play next.

Born in North Dakota, Jody moved to the cities in 1979 and joined up with Raggs. He then joined The Metro All Stars and released two albums. He has appeared on Star Search twice and has released four solo albums along the way. Jodi, always looking for ruckus, found it again with Vintage Raggs.


DAVE BURKART - Guitar and Vocals
"Burky" is the secret weapon in Vintage Raggs - that really isn't a secret. Hailing from Roseville, MN, Dave played for years with the Tony Sims Band. An astoundingly good singer and terrific guitar player David always brings the goods. His one man show displays his gift for music and entertainment. He released his CD "Can I really on You"  awhile back and anyone who bought it will tell you Burky is the real deal.


Brian Ziemniak is the Twin Cities' most versatile keyboardist, consistently crossing musical boundaries while being true to the style and himself. Brian has recently toured with the star-studded funk group FDeluxe and with popular Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer. In the jazz world he has performed recently with Kneebody saxophonist Ben Wendel, pyrotechnic violinist Christian Howes, and noted avant garde clarinetist Jean-Brice Godet. He performs locally with numerous bands and a wide range of artists, including acclaimed R&B vocalist Fred Steele, Bruce Henry, Timotha Lanae, and the Peter Vircks Quartet.


BRIAN GALLAGHER - Bass and Saxophone
Brian has been teaching music since 1985, leaving the University of Minnesota behind for the beginning of his full musical career.

Brian started playing instruments at the age of 10. He started out on the clarinet through middle school and in 8th grade switched to the tenor sax. He continued playing throughout high school in marching and jazz band. He went on to study music performance at the University of Minnesota in 1981.

He started playing professionally while in college where his music career took hold. In 1988 he came out with his first record called 'Coming Home'. 

His presence increased in the Minneapolis music scene and in 1988 he signed with his first record label Cypress Records, a small jazz label under A&M Records. Shortly after, Cypress Records "went under". 

In 1991, Brian started working for Prince in his band The New Power Generation, playing in his horn section. He continued working with him for 6 years playing on the albums Come (1994), The Gold Experience (1995), Chaos and Disorder (1996), Emancipation (1996), Crystal Ball (1998), and Vault: Old Friends For Sale (1999).

Nearing the end, he got a record deal with Prince and started Greazy Meal in 1995. The band produced 4 albums in 4 years and toured the Midwest, Canada, and L.A. 

When Greazy Meal removed itself from the scene around 1999, Brian could be seen playing around town and took time to become a father of three amazing children. He began writing, recording, and playing original music more often, the bands SmartMouth and The Fuzz most notably.

After a few years of laying low, he came back to the limelight playing and touring the US, Philippines, and TV circuit in 2003. 

In 2006 Brian started playing with Taylor Hicks (winner of American Idol Season 5), touring the US, Italy, and TV circuit, continuing until December of 2012.


Peter Hennig graduated from McNally/Smith College of Music with a degree in percussion performance. Following college, Peter had two years of private study with Twin Cities based drummer, Dave King.

Peter regularly composes for and performs with The Atlantis Quartet, The Fantastic Merlins, The Zacc Harris Trio, and Vintage Raggs. He currently teaches a Jazz/Pop combo course at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN.

Since 2010 he has performed at several European festivals and venues including, the Sons d’hiver festival in Paris, the Atlantique Jazz Festival and the Pannonica Jazz Festival in Northern France, and the Kind of Belou Jazz Festival in Treignac (with Tony Hyman). In 2011 he received the Twin Cities Best Jazz Award with The Atlantis Quartet.

As a composter, he’s had original composition’s featured on 89.3 The CURRENT, 88.5 KBEM, and 90.3 KFAI. He received the Minnesota Emerging Composers Award (MECA) from the American Composers Forum in 2010.

Over the past 15 years, Peter has performed with many groups and artists including: Sheila Ray Charles (Daughter of R&B legend, Ray Charles), Tony Hymas, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Polly Gibbons, Imani Uzuri, Ben Wendel, Kirk Knuffke, Christian Howes, Joel Harrison, Daniel Kelly, Dennis Gonzales, Jean-Brice Godet, George Maruer, Patty Peterson, Estaire Godinez, Peter Ostroushko, Tina Schlieske, Bruce Henry, Debbie Duncan, Mick Sterling, John Starkey, The Horn Heads, The Dolly’s, Fathom Lane, Liminal Phase, The New Primitives, The Droppers, Alex “Crankshaft” Larson, Katie Gearty, Deb Brown, Andra Suchy, The Adam Meckler Orchestra, The Bill Simonson Big Band, and many others.